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Lottery ticket found in the nick of time
Posted by Support Samantha on 05 October 2017 10:14 AM
Timing is everything in life and can be life-altering. Too soon and you miss an opportunity, too late and you can miss that very same opportunity. A warehouse worker from Bradley Stoke, in Bristol, almost lost a life-changing win, but he managed to avoid it in the nick of time. Read the full article here
Jackpot is €190,000,000
The next draw is 6 October
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Jackpot is $112,000,000
The next draw is 7 October
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3 October
6,24,32,48,50 (1,5)
4 October
22,23,62,63,66 (24)
3 October
6,21,38,48,79,90 (23,35)
3 October
12,18,19,25,67 (7)
4 October
12,20,32,38,48,54 (5)
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