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Keno built the great wall of China!
Posted by Support Steve on 22 June 2017 10:06 AM

In case you did not get our memo last week, we are moving our sites over to new software. You can now buy cheaper tickets which means more chances of winning... 

Our goal is to have moved all our sites over by month end and if you are faced with our old software, feel free to sign up on our official website: to take advantage of our new service.

Otherwise, this week we have some pretty big draws taking place:

  1. Megamillions: $130 Million ($2.16 per ticket)
  2. Powerball: $79 Million ($3.75 per ticket)
  3. Euromillons: €73 Million (€3.90 per ticket)
  4. SuperEnaLotto: €60 Million (€2.35 per ticket)

Did you know?

We employ stay at home moms to write our lottery stories which you can read here: By sharing our stories you help our moms earn a much needed income.

Good luck for the draw!

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Massive $112M Winner, read the story!
Posted by Support Samantha on 15 June 2017 10:57 AM
Try our new website - get discounted tickets and a much wider selection of lotteries.

Whether it’s $1 million or $100 million, winning the lottery changes your life.

And while the stories of those who blew it away are enough to put doubt in your mind, the experience of those who have taken their winnings and transformed themselves is truly inspiring.

She won $112 Million!

Jackpot is $113 Million
The next draw is 16 June

Get your tickets now!
Jackpot is €57.6 Million
The next draw is 15 June (Tonight)

Get your tickets now!

Play your favorite lotteries on our brand new site.
  • Cheaper than our old rates
  • More lotteries from more countries
  • More options to play (official/ insured/ bet)
  • More payment options
  • Increased security

Get results for all the Sun7Lottery games on our website, here are the top 5:
Mega Millions
Current Jackpot: $113 Million
Superena Lotto
Current Jackpot: €57.6 Million
Current Jackpot: $52 Million
Euro Millions Ireland
Current Jackpot: €50 Million
Euro Millions Belgium
Current Jackpot: €50  Million
13 June
27,51,62,68,75 (08)
13 June
41,50,69,71,77,81 (49)
14 June
05,22,43,57,63 (24)
13 June
03,12,22,27,49 (04,11)
13 June
03,12,22,27,49 (04,11)

Our writers research and write about winner stories from all over the world.

We hope you enjoy them!
We have launched our new software!

This means, cheaper tickets, scans on some games, bets and insured games.

Play online @:
Did not buy a ticket? 
Then how can you win?
Regardless how official the email seems, logos and such are widely available online and can be manipulated into documents crafted by scam artists.

If you need to pay to receive a winnings, its a 419 scam.

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Big Jackpots | Discounted Ticket Prices | Updated Website
Posted by Support Samantha on 08 June 2017 10:53 AM
Big jackpot winners seem few and far between, some players win back the value of their lottery ticket, others a few hundred dollars that allow them to pay off a little debt.
And then there are those lucky lottery players who beat the odds and hit the Jackpot. Is it just luck of the draw?
Find out here.

Play even more with our CRAZY LOW discounted rates.
In a recent price comparison our tickets are cheaper than:
  1. Sun7Lottery $3.75
  2. LottosOnline $4.90
  3. TheLotter $4.99
  4. LotteryMaster $6.00
  5. GiantLottos $6.35
* Price comparison based on US Powerball Official Lottery - all information correct at the time of release.

We have launched our new look websites and are offering:

  • MORE OPTIONS to play,
  • MORE PAYMENT options,
* Thank you for your valuable feedback during this transition period. As always we appreciate any comments or suggestions which you can submit at 

Get results for all the Sun7Lottery games on our website, here are the top 5:
US Powerball
Current Jackpot: $435 Million
Mega Millions
Current Jackpot: $90 Million
Superena Lotto
Current Jackpot: €54.6 Million
Euro Millions Ireland
Current Jackpot: €30 Million
Lotto 6AUS49
Current Jackpot: €28  Million
7 June
05,21,57,66,69 (13)
6 June
03,05,16,49,75 (05)
6 June
07,12,26,46,56,70 (18)
6 June
20,22,25,37,40 (03,07)
6 June
06,17,18,28,33,37 (04)

What does it take to be a winner?

We have a great selection of winners stories from lotteries all over the world.
Read them here.

$435 Million

Next Draw: 10 June
Play Now!

$90 Million

Next Draw: 9 June
Play Now!

€54.6 Million

Next Draw: 8 June
Play Now!

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New Lottery System
Posted by Support Steve on 06 June 2017 11:51 AM

Dear Customers,

This is to advise that we are in the process of moving to our new gaming system which is good news. 


Not only are we offering much cheaper tickets, we are also offering scan services, insured games as well as betting styled games. Some of the games on offer are under license to our agents and we would like to be completely clear to our customers what this actually means.

UK Games & Australian Games are licensed through official channels which means we no longer use agents to purchase physical tickets. Instead we are plugged directly into official systems via an api and orders go directly to the official lottery and not via a traditional terminal. For these games we offer a digitised scan in the same format as the official lotteries would offer.

Traditionally agents would take on the role of filling in tickets and procuring them thorugh various locations. We no longer follow this model. Our agents software, in most instances, are plugged directly into official terminals so the requiements of filling in tickes by agents is obsolete. This allows us to buy tickets closer to draw cut off times as well as to eliminates potential human error. For these games we are working at offering digitised scans much like we do for games under license. With these tickets we are able to print out a physical ticket and should you desire a physical scan of an actual paper ticket, you will need to indicate this through the ticket buying interface. At present this is not available however we will have this running during the course of the year.


Our poker service is currently not online however will be up and running in the next few weeks. We offer a desktop app that you can download in order to play poker against your friends or the greater community. These games will be made available from our various brands.


We have partnered with a number of game providers who offer slot styled games. Like poker, these will become available in the near future.


All our games are run through our new business which has been designed to offer casino and lottery styled games to end users via brands. The entity stands under our parent company Sunseven NV much like LotteryNetwork does.


One of our foundations goals is to support business in the tech space that fosters new business opportunities. The is one such business in that it promotes a channel through which new casinos can be started and new games can be offered by piggy backing off our infrastructure. If you are interested in starting your own casino or offering your own games to end users, why not have a read here:

Should you have any questions or feedback, please get in touch via our support desk, we appreciate your input.




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How to get away with MILLIONS!!
Posted by Support Samantha on 01 June 2017 02:00 PM
Statistics show approximately 70% of lottery winners end up broke within 7 years and are faced with bankruptcy, jail time or worse, murder and suicide.

Winning the lottery is life changing, how do you deal with it?
Read More.


Jackpot is $337 Million

The next draw is 3 June 2017
Get your tickets now!

Got your tickets? 

Jackpot is £150 Million

Draw takes place on 2 June 2017

As promised we are releasing new software which will be rolled out to all our various brands.

If you want to have an early peak at the new software, you can register here:

* (tickets are a little cheaper and your feedback is appreciated).


We are grateful to you for sharing your opinion with us.

If you have not yet had the opportunity to submit your feedback please click here to do so.

Did you know that you can get the results for all the Lottery Network Lottery's on our website:
Euro Millions Lottery   30 May:   07,12,27,38,48 (06,09)
Powerball Lottery   31 May:   04,33,39,46,60 (06)
Mega Millions Lottery   30 May:   05,20,32,37,67 (05)
UK National Lottery   31 May:   18,23,52,59,28,56 (36)
NY Lotto €10k Insured   31 May:   40,41,51,52,53,56 (03)
Irish Lotto €10K Insured   31 May:   15,31,33,34,36,43 (39)
Canada 649 €10K Insured   31 May:   01,03,08,09,12,40 (02)

View current and past results here

There are winners, and then there are WINNERS! 

Click here to read some great articles on winners from all over the world who have hit the BIG TIME by winning the lotto.  

SITE UPGRADES are well underway and will be rolled out over the next few months.
Things will start looking a little differentbanners will alert you to these changes and you will be able to access old accounts.

Have a look at our software here:

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Big Jackpots | Take our Survey | System Upgrades | Winners Stories and More
Posted by Support Samantha on 25 May 2017 07:06 AM



Help us to improve your experience!

By completing our survey.

Click here to take our survey.



What you say you will do with the winnings when you play the lottery and what you do with the winnings when you win the lottery can often be completely different!
As is the case with our the winners in our latest winners story. Click here to read more.

We are happy to announce that we have been working on some upgrades to the site and will be rolling these out over the next few months.

So don't be alarmed if things start looking a little different. 
There will be notices on the website and you will be able to access old accounts.

Did you know that you can get the results for all the Lottery Network Lottery's on our website:

Euro Millions Lottery   23 May:   08,15,25,27,42 (01,04)
Powerball Lottery   24 May:   28,32,33,38,62 (15)
Mega Millions Lottery   23 May:   06,13,17,33,60 (14)
UK National Lottery   24 May:   45,59,30,44,03,55 (37)
NY Lotto €10k Insured   24 May:   05,08,16,26,34,49 (45)
Irish Lotto €10K Insured   24 May:   06,16,21,22,30,45 (08)
Canada 649 €10K Insured   24 May:   03,05,09,22,37,46 (10)

View current and past results here

Have you got your tickets?

This weekend's Jackpots are BIG!

Powerball - $275 Million
Euro Millions - £130 Million
Play Now

Increase your chances of winning the lottery:
- Join one of our syndicates 
Create your own syndicate
Visit for more information now. 

Play various Lottery Games powered by We offer a play on the New York Lottery, Irish Lottery and Canada 649 Lottery. Insured Jackpots at €10,000. Results based on real lottery draws. 

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