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Do I need to pay a courier company to recieve my winnings?
Posted by Support Steve on 31 August 2007 05:00 PM
If anyone asks you to make a payment upfront to receive any type of lottery winning then they are trying to scam you... period.

The idea behind the scam is to get you to pay lots of small fees to get your "prize". So imagine this scenario:

You get a letter stating you have won a prize or competition etc. though some random draw or "fluke of nature"... right!

Anyway - to receive your prize you now need to pay a "small fee" to a courier type company who will manage your win for you... So you pay the fee and wait for your winnings. of course nothing arrives and you get back to the people and ask them to look into it... which they do and come back to you with an excuse... "there has been a small complication and we need a small payment of X to sort this out..." which you pay...

Of course nothing arrives and they keep coming back excuse after excuse until you have run up a mountain of payments and got absolutely nothing...

Don't get caught out! If in doubt, leave it out!

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