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I am not getting my lottery results or notification emails
Posted by Support Steve on 31 August 2007 03:36 PM
Okay - so you have not received your email...

Possible problems:

1. Your ISP is blocking our email to you
2. Our email is in your junk email / spam account
3. We did not send it to you :-0


1. Send us an email

We will check:

1. That we have a BCC (Blind carbon copy) of you email. huh? Okay - for every email that we send you, we send a copy to our gmail account. This allows us to use a 3rd party ISP to ensure your mail is being sent. IF the email is in our Gmail account, this means we where able to send the mail successfully and IF you did not receive the email this means the problem exists somewhere between leaving our server and arriving at your ISP.

So if we have a BCC of your email our Dedicated Server Administrator will write to your ISP to find out what they where smoking when they decided to block our email to you. Ideally our domain will be white listed with them and from then on you will get your email.

Unfortunately we do not live in an ideal world - and some ISP's are slack. Never the less we will make an effort to solve the problem for you.

How can you help?

1. Send us your ISP's contact info... Its an odd thing but often this is not listed...
2. If you feeling brave - give your ISP a call and tell them you are not getting email from domain:

Desperate for your email? Okay one final solution, follow these steps:

1. Log into your lotto "My Account"
2. Click on the RSS Feed tab
3. You will find a link in the page that opens - this is an RSS Feed unique to your account, you can add the link to your preferred RSS agregator or even just save the link to your favorites and check it from time to time.

No idea how RSS works?? :-( Email support and ask to speak with Steve - I am an expert and I am very happy to give you some free lessons on how to use it!

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