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My numbers and associated winnings are incorrect
Posted by Support Steve on 04 August 2008 03:20 PM

My numbers matched do not associate with prize in the results section:

Occasionally we get queries from customers who are perplexed as to why the results do not match the associated prize payout.

While it is quite possible for a result to be sent to us that is incorrect (we use third party feeds), these are checked and usually do not slip through.

In many cases the problem is the customers understanding of how bonus numbers work in the prize payout shcedule:

If you played the Irish Lottery and the winning numbers where: 01-03-13-14-30-31 (24)

Your numbers where:
LINE1: 09-16-18-35-36-42 - Match Num: 0 And Bonus: 0
LINE2: 13-17-22-24-25-29 - Match Num: 1 And Bonus: 0

However when you look at line 2 you see that you matched the number 13 AND the number 24... why then is this not showing?

For this particular game, The Irish Lottery, when the user buys his tickets he selects 6 numbers. When the official Irish Lottery draws the numbers, they draw 6 main numbers and then a 7th number which is the bonus number. This bonus number only comes into play for a special prize called a "Match 5 + Bonus" prize.

So in this case, the bonus prize will only be considered in the "match 5 + bonus" context. In other words, if you were lucky enough to match all 5 numbers, but not the 6th number, there is an additional prize category called  match 5 + bonus, which is almost like a second chancew at winning a big prize...

This is the same for the UK Lottery as well as Canada lottery. It also applies to sub-categories of prize payouts.

So please read carefully how the prize structure works and if you still do not understand, then get in touch and we will sort it out for you!

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